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Core Team

The Core Team

Carl Solomon - Director and Company Secretary


Carl has led significant projects in the tourism industry; engaging communities and delivering innovative solutions to attract more visitors and increase revenue. He has created and implemented award-winning brand, marketing, digital engagement and education campaigns. He has delivered destination development plans for many clients, including for nature and marine-based landscapes across the Asia-Pacific, through to established regions and cities in Australia.

Prior to joining DMS, Carl was the Director of Tourism and Partnerships at the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service. He was also the inaugural Executive Director of Olympic Aid, which was established as a joint initiative of the United Nations and the International Olympic Committee. Prior to this, Carl worked for the United Nations in psycho-social programming. He began his professional career in the international tourism sector, working for a major Japanese inbound tourism operator in Australia.


カール・ソロモン - 取締役兼カンパニーセクレタリー



DMSへの入社以前には、NSW国立公園・野生生物局の観光・パートナーシップ担当ディレクターでした。また、国連と国際オリンピック委員会の共同イニシアチブとして設立されたオリンピック援助(Olympic Aid)の創設理事を務めたこともあります。それ以前には、国連の心理社会的プログラミング分野で働いていました。国際観光分野でのプロとしてのキャリアは、オーストラリアにおける日系の大手インバウンド観光事業者で働いたことから始まりました。

Carl Solomon

Charlotte Prouse - Founder and Director


Charlotte has been working with destinations, regions and precincts to create and implement great destination brands and marketing plans for the last 20 years. Drawing on her extensive experience, which includes retail travel and hospitality, Charlotte seeks to find the region’s point of difference and make it more attractive to higher-spending visitors.

Charlotte has worked extensively in regional tourism in Australia and New Zealand and with Tourism Australia on many projects since 2005, including delivering the destination positioning and experience development strategies for many of Australia’s most outstanding nature and cultural destinations. Charlotte was also the food and drink consultant for Tourism Australia.

Charlotte has developed brand and marketing strategies for some major destinations, including for the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service, Victorian Alpine Resorts, Great Barrier Reef, Kakadu National Park, Samoa Tourism Authority and Hamilton Waikato Region in New Zealand, to name just a few. 

シャーロット・プラウズ - 創立者兼ディレクター


Tourism Australiaとの間では、2005年以来、オーストラリアの最も優れた自然や文化的目的地の多くについて、目的地の位置づけや体験開発戦略を提供するなど数多くのプロジェクトに取り組んでいます。また、Tourism Australiaの飲食コンサルタントでもありました。


Charlotte Prouse

Andrew Sargant - Regional Tourism + Advertising Specialist


Andrew has twenty years experience working with some of Australia’s leading advertising and marketing organisations. These include Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising, Australia and Sony Consumer Electronics, Sydney.

He started his own agency in 1995 that was bought eight years later by Japanese agency, Dentsu. At the time the world’s largest advertising group. During that time the agency won New Agency of the Year, NSW Agency of the Year and helped his client CitySearch, pick up Marketer of the Year.

Andrew has most recently worked for Destination NSW; where he was Director of Regional Tourism, and Destination Partnerships. He joined the Destination Marketing Store in late 2018.

アンドリュー・サージャント - 地域観光+広告スペシャリスト

20年間に及ぶ仕事の経験があります。これらの経験にはオーストラリアのSaatchi&Saatchi Advertising、シドニーのSony Consumer Electronicsとの仕事などが含まれます。


Destination NSWのために仕事をし、地域観光・目的地パートナーシップのディレクターを務めました。2018年後半、デスティネーション・マーケティング・ストア入社。

Andrew Sargant

Danielle Millar - Marketing Communications Specialist + Travel Writer & Blogger


Danielle is a results-driven marketing and communications specialist with a passion for destination marketing and content production for tourism and travel.  She has led teams of marketing, public relations and digital specialists in the development and delivery of innovative marketing campaigns for nature and cultural tourism. Danielle combines a deep understanding of audience with a hands-on ability to deliver creative, authentic and engaging 

In addition to writing extensively on place and experiential travel throughout her career, Danielle is a keen traveler and storyteller in her own right. She travels regularly and shares her experiences through her travel blog, and its social media channels, and contributes to other travel sites. She recently travelled to India on behalf of Australia’s largest adventure travel blog, NOMADasaurus, on assignment with the Treadright 
Foundation and Trafalgar Travel, a member of the Travel Corporation.

Danielle knows what travelers are looking for. Her own adventures have given her a powerful insight into what sets a destination and experience apart, how to position and write about it so it speaks to and motivates the right people, and the key role of digital media in building brand profile and engagement.

ダニエル・ミラー - マーケティングコミュニケーションスペシャリスト+トラベルライター&ブロガー


また、ダニエルはキャリアを通じて行った場所と体験旅行について広く執筆活動を行うだけでなく、熱心な旅行者であり旅の語り手でもあります。定期的に旅行し、自分の旅行ブログ、そのソーシャルメディアチャンネルを通じて経験を共有し、他の旅行サイトにも寄稿しています。最近は、Treadright FoundationとTrafalgar Travel(Travel Corporationのメンバー)との提携で、オーストラリア最大の冒険旅行ブログNOMADasaurusを代理してインドを訪れました。



Our US and European Representatives

Europe  Representative - Sean Boyle


Born in Ireland, Sean has spent over 25 years working in the advertising business all over the world. In Singapore he was the Planning Director on Singapore Airlines before being promoted to Head of Planning for South East Asia at Saatchi & Saatchi; based in Bangkok, and in charge of Thailand, Singapore, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, The Philippines and Vietnam.


Sean joined JWT in New York as Global Head of Planning on the Cadbury business. Two years later, he moved across town to join BBDO as Worldwide Head of Planning on the Gillette business. Sean currently produces his own podcast “A Pint with Seaniebee”, where he chats to successful creative people about their life stories and wisdom. The podcast was recognised amongst The Best New Podcasts of 2016 and was awarded The Best Podcast Episode of 2016.





ニューヨークではJWTでCadburyの事業のグローバル計画責任者として仕事をしました。2年後、街を超えてジレットの事業の世界計画責任者としてBBDOに入りました。現在は、自身のポッドキャスト「A Pint with Seaniebee」を制作し、その中で成功したクリエイティブな人々とライフストーリーや知恵についておしゃべりしています。このポッドキャストは、2016年のベストニューポッドキャストの1つとして認められ、2016年のベストポッドキャストエピソードを受賞しました。

Sean Boyle
Danielle Millar

United States Representative - Bill Baker


Bill was with Tourism Australia for twenty years, based in different parts of the world.During which time Bill led Australia's consumer, trade and MICE marketing in the United States and Europe.

After leaving Tourism Australia, Bill settled down in the United States and started his own consultancy business - Total Destination Marketing. Bill is recognised internationally as an author and speaker, as well as his pioneer work in creating brand strategies for places of all sizes; from countries to small cities. He has more than 30 years of destination branding and marketing experience in 25 countries. Bill is a popular speaker at conferences and seminars around the world where he simplifies the many aspects of place branding into practical development and marketing plans. Bill retired from his business in 2018 and joined the DMS Advisory Board earlier this year.



Tourism Australiaで20年間仕事をしました。この間、米国およびヨーロッパにおけるオーストラリアの消費者、貿易、MICEのマーケティングを率いました。

Tourism Australiaを離れた後米国に定住し、自身のコンサルタント業としてTotal Destination Marketingを開始しました。ビルは、作家兼講演者として、また、国のような規模から小規模都市の規模まであらゆる規模の場所にブランド戦略を作成するという先駆的な仕事によって、国際的に認められています。ビルには、25カ国で30年以上の目的地ブランディングとマーケティングの経験があります。世界中の会議やセミナーで人気のある講演者であり、プレイスブランディングの多くの側面を単純化して実用的な開発とマーケティング計画に落とし込んだ話をしています。2018年にリタイアし、今年初めにDMSのアドバイザリーボードに加わりました。

Our Specialist Partners

Research agency partner - Bronwyn White 


Bronwyn is a globally recognised market researcher, with 30 years experience, in the travel and tourism markets. She has worked across a wide range of industry sectors from Airlines and Wholesale to Retail & Corporate Sales. She is the co-founder of Domesticate, an annual syndicated research study into the Australian travel market and co-founder of respected research firm Bronwyn is the author of the book Seniors Travel Tips and has started a travel blog, New Young Travel, looking at the 55+ travel market. Bronwyn has a detailed understanding of the travel industry and in particular the travel planning and booking habits of the lucrative baby boomer generation. 




ブロンウィンは、旅行市場、観光市場で30年の経験を有する、世界的に認められた市場研究者です。航空会社、卸売業からリテール&コーポレートセールスまで、各種の業界で働いてきました。また、オーストラリアの旅行市場に対する年次シンジケート調査研究であるDomesticateの共同創立者であり、有名な調査会社であるMyTravelResearch.comの共同創立者でもあります。さらに、Seniors Travel Tips(高齢者旅行のヒント)の著者であり、55歳以上の旅行市場に着目した旅行ブログNew Young Travelも開始しています。ブロンウィンは旅行業界、特に資金に余裕のある団塊世代の旅行計画と予約慣行について深い理解があります。

Bronwyn White
Specialist Partners
Bill Baker

Creative agency partner - David Rollins (Copywriter) 


Born in Sydney, David’s CV is quite eclectic - creative director, copywriter, author, screenwriter, journalist, documentarian. Since leaving full-time advertising David has written ten novels - political thrillers. They’re sold all over the world and are translated into a variety of languages. His series featuring Vin Cooper has been optioned for film by Hollywood producer Bill Mechanic whose most recent movie, Hacksaw Ridge was nominated for an Oscar.



シドニー生まれのデイビットの履歴は、クリエイティブディレクター、コピーライター、作家、脚本家、ジャーナリスト、ドキュメンタリーと非常に多岐に渡っています。フルタイムの広告業界勤務を辞めて以降は、10冊の小説(政治スリラー)を書いています。著作は世界中で販売されており、さまざまな言語に翻訳されています。Vin Cooperを主人公としたシリーズは、ハリウッドのプロデューサー、ビル・メカニックの最新の映画のための選択肢となっています。ビル・メカニックの最新の映画『ハクソー・リッジ』はオスカーにノミネートされました。

David Rollins

Creative agency partner - John Byrne (Design) 


Drawing on over twenty years experience in the world of design and technology, John brings with him a detailed understanding of how to solve problems visually, alongside a broad knowledge of website development, print and typography. His analytical way of working helps him to formulate designs which uniquely reflect a destinations individuality and identity.




John Byrne

Creative agency partner - Tom Hutton (Interactive & Social Media)


Tom has extensive experience working in the digital, interactive and social media marketing space. He was Interactive Creative Director at one of Australia’s oldest and largest advertising agencies. A partner in a company focused on bringing brands and their customers closer together through the creation of digital content and experiences. He is currently creative head of ‘content’ for a company with 6 million Facebook followers, that creates extreme sport opportunities for some of the worlds leading brands. Tom linked up with DMS in early 2019 and looks after our clients interactive and social media requirements.



。オーストラリアの最古かつ最大の広告代理店George Patterson Y& Rでインタラクティブクリエイティブディレクターとしての勤務経験もあります。また、Apparent社のパートナーで、同社はデジタルコンテンツと体験の創造を通してブランドと自社の顧客をより接近させることに注力しています。現在は、Extremeの「コンテンツ」のクリエイティブヘッドを務めています。Extremeは600万人のFacebookフォロワーを持つ会社で、世界をリードするブランドのいくつかにExtreme のスポーツ機会を作っています。トムは2019年初頭にDMSと提携し、当社クライアントのインタラクティブやソーシャルメディアについての要求を手掛けています。

Tom Hutton




Media agency partner - Leonards Advertising


Leonards is Australia’s oldest accredited media agency. They manage the production and placement of advertising for over two hundred clients throughout Australia.With nearly 30 staff employed by the agency, Leonards has expertise in traditional advertising, media buying, digital marketing, digital production, copywriting, audience research, art direction and studio services. Leonards works with DMS to develop and deliver integrated media solutions for our clients. 

Leonards Advertising
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