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Destination Marketing Store (DMS)


Destination Marketing Store is a destination specialist agency, providing services in:

  • Destination marketing and branding 

  • Product and experience development

  • Advertising and marketing communication

  • National parks and nature, cultural and food and drink tourism


Our clients include national and provincial governments and tourism organizations, such as Destination New South Wales in Australia, Parks Canada and the Cambodia Tourism Federation. 


We have won international and national awards for marketing, branding and events; including the Australian national tourism award for destination marketing in 2017.



  • 目的地のマーケティングとブランディング

  • 商品と経験の開発

  • 広告とマーケティングコミュニケーション

  • 国立公園と自然、文化、食べ物・飲み物の観光


当社のクライアントには、オーストラリアのニューサウスウェールズ州政府観光局(Destination NSW)、カナダ国立公園局(Parks Canada)、カンボジア観光連盟など、国や地方自治体の政府、観光組織が含まれます。



About DMS

The DMS Competitive Difference 


With exclusive access to the latest research study on the lucrative 55+ travel market, DMS understands this high-end market better than any other Australian destination marketing company. With more time to travel and more money to spend on travel, the 55+ travel market is an extremely valuable segment of the travel market.


The research study provides key insights into how to develop solutions to attract more American, European and Australian tourists to Japan.





Competitive Difference

Global Insights & Trends


DMS offers access to a wide range of additional domestic and international research to better understand the right market segments to target in Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the USA. The research offers insights;


  • Into audience behaviour and their motivations and barriers to travel 

  • To inform experience development and the right mix between high-profile (hero) and supporting experiences, to improve the appeal of your region

  • To encourage more higher-spending visitors to your region

  • To maximize the effectiveness of marketing activities




  • 旅行者の行動パターンとその動機、旅行における障壁

  • その観光地・地域の魅力を向上させるための、キラーコンテンツの開発の仕方、キラーコンテンツとその他の体験の適したバランス配分

  • 旅行者がよりお金の消費をする仕組みづくり

  • マーケティングの効果を最大化する方法

Global Insights
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